About MTV Entertainment Culture

Paramount Media Networks & MTV Entertainment Studios is one of the preeminent media entities in the world that connects with global audiences through its nine iconic brands and its Studios arm which produces acclaimed series and movies as well as award-winning documentaries through MTV Documentary Films.

MTVE has a long legacy in social impact, including spearheading cross-sector coalitions, creating groundbreaking content and leading innovative action campaigns. The MTVE Culture initiative builds on this heritage with immersive learning programs, an in-house content consultancy and trailblazing industry leadership initiatives that empower content creators to drive positive impact through inclusive storytelling.

Each conversation gets us closer to shifting culture

For decades, MTV Entertainment has created content for diverse audiences focused on compelling stories that reflect their experiences. Our content has the power to build understanding, foster empathy and drive impact around the world.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join or participate?

If you’re an MTVE employee or a third-party production company your team lead or supervisor can share more information. If you are a non-profit working on media and representation and would like to partner with us, please email [email protected].

Help! I can’t find my login?

Simply go to the password reset link on the login screen to reset your information.

Help! I’ve lost access to my account and content?

Simply go to the password reset link on the login screen to regain access.

I am working on a production, can you help me get a consultant?

Email [email protected] to engage with our show consultants and expert partners.